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All About Lasik

Many things can go wrong with your eyes, and for many years, there were only a few ways to address them. While glasses can double as a fashion statement and contacts give you freedom from frames, there’s something to be said for clear vision that’s hassle-free. You can get it with LASIK!

Our experienced ophthalmologists at Bellmawr Eye Care are dedicated to treating your eyes with only the best, most advanced technology available. Here’s why we love LASIK. 

LASIK basics

Short for laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses, LASIK has become the most popular laser refractive surgery since it received the FDA’s stamp of approval two decades ago. This revolutionary procedure has liberated an estimated 9.5 million people from blurry vision.

You might think of a science fiction movie when you think of lasers. Still, they’re equally powerful and gentle — an ideal combo when addressing problems in delicate areas like your eyes. 

The procedure begins when our doctors numb your eyes. They then make a small incision in your cornea that gives them access to your corneal tissues’ deepest layers. 

The LASIK laser reshapes your corneal tissue so that the cornea can refract light directly onto your retina. This small but vital adjustment is what gives you clear vision.

The whole procedure should only take around an hour and only comes with the risk of a few mild side effects. Most often, our patients report a temporary dry eye that goes away within a few weeks. 

Only on the rarest occasions does LASIK cause vision loss or flap problems. If you’re concerned about any postoperative side effects, don’t hesitate to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

Conditions LASIK addresses 

LASIK is most effective if you’re nearsighted (myopia), farsighted (hyperopia), or have astigmatism.  After a consultation and complete exam, we determine if LASIK is an option for your specific circumstances. 

LASIK boasts a high success rate, with more than 9 out of 10 people ditching their glasses and contacts for good. Results vary depending on the extent of your refractive error, but you can feel confident knowing that the chances of you living life without blurry vision are high. 

Post-LASIK care

Our doctors send you home with special eye drops and specific aftercare instructions. Talk to a good friend or relative now, because you’ll need someone to drive you back from your appointment, as your vision will be a bit blurry right after treatment. 

You should return to your normal activities like driving a day or two after your procedure, but it could take a little longer to get back in full swing. 

Why spend another day frustrated with less-than-perfect vision and inconvenient corrective eyewear. If you’d like more information about LASIK or a consultation, contact our office today.

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