How We Can Help You Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back

How We Can Help You Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back

Your body undergoes dramatic changes as it stretches and shifts to accommodate a growing child (or children). Once your baby arrives into the world, you’re left with the aftermath, which often includes sagging and loose skin. 

At Aesthetic Solutions, our team of cosmetic specialists, led by Drs. Ada Noh and William Ceraso, offers the perfect solution for getting you back to your prepregnancy self — TempSure™ Envi.

Here’s a look at how this exciting body-contouring and skin-tightening technology works.

Pregnancy and your body

Your skin is amazingly resilient, which is evidenced by its ability to accommodate a pregnancy. As your baby bump grows, you marvel at how your skin stretches along with it, but you also wonder whether your skin will bounce back to its normal tone.

While each woman is different, many are left with loose skin around their abdomens and/or flanks that doesn’t bounce back as much as they’d like.

The reason for this is that the collagen fibers in your skin are stretched beyond their breaking point and, once they break down, it can be difficult to restore them.

Enter TempSure Envi

The reason why our TempSure Envi system is so effective at helping women regain their prepregnancy bodies is that the technology relies on radiofrequency energy to encourage more collagen production in your tissues.

This energy passes harmlessly through the surface of your skin and heats up the underlying tissues to a therapeutic temperature that elicits a collagen response. 

To better understand how this works, think about when you cut yourself. To plug up the breech in your skin, your body quickly ramps up its collagen production in the injured area, which is what creates the tough scar tissue. 

With TempSure Envi, our goal is to encourage this same collagen response, but at a much lower level so that scar tissue doesn’t form. Instead, you’re left with renewed structural support from below, as collagen quietly responds to the therapeutic heat and lifts and tightens your skin.

Tempsure Envi timeline

To get the most out of our postpregnancy body contouring, we suggest that you let nature run its course immediately after your pregnancy. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll notice that extra fat will melt away as your body readjusts to its new “normal.”

If, after enough time has gone by, your body hasn’t bounced back sufficiently, we can discuss how our TempSure Envi system can close the gap.

After your first treatment, which typically takes about an hour, you’re free to return home. You may notice some immediate effects as your skin responds to the energy and tightens, but most patients realize gradual results over 6-12 weeks as new collagen networks form that tighten loose skin.

To learn more about getting back to your prepregnancy body with TempSure Envi, contact our office in Bellmawr, New Jersey, to schedule a consultation.

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