Myths and Facts About Body Contouring

Myths and Facts About Body Contouring

When it comes to achieving your ideal body shape, the road can be a difficult one as you sweat it out at the gym and cut your calories. While these efforts are highly effective and well worth the effort, you may still be frustrated by your results, which is where our innovative body-contouring system — TempSure Envi® — comes in.

Unfortunately, many body-shaping products and services are long on promises but short on results, which is why the aesthetics team here at Aesthetic Solutions wanted to take this opportunity to better explain TempSure Envi.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the facts and myths surrounding this advanced body-contouring technology.

Myth: Body contouring is the same as weight loss

Many people confuse body contouring with weight loss, and the distinction here is an important one. TempSure Envi is not a weight-loss system, but a technology that’s designed to help you put the finishing touches on your weight-loss efforts.

If, like most, you’re well within your target weight, but sagging skin, cellulite, and random “lumps and bumps,” are ruining the overall effect of your hard work, TempSure Envi can help. 

As well, even if weight isn’t a problem, but your body has shifted and developed unwelcome contours and sagging skin, TempSure Envi is the perfect solution.

With TempSure Envi, we deliver controlled radiofrequency energy into your tissue, which elicits a collagen response that helps tighten, smooth, and tone your skin from below.

Myth: TempSure Envi is temporary

As we mentioned, with our TempSure Envi system, we deliver radiofrequency energy into your tissues to encourage the production of more collagen, the protein that’s responsible for the structural support in your skin. 

As your collagen rebuilds from below, tightening and smoothing your skin, the renewed support isn’t a response that disappears after a few days, but lasts as long as your collagen holds up.

Fact: TempSure Envi is noninvasive

Unlike “nip-and-tuck” procedures, we can garner great results with TempSure Envi without harming your tissues. The energy we deliver passes harmlessly through the surface of your skin and heats the cells below to the therapeutic levels that call on collagen.

You may feel some warmth during your TempSure Envi treatments, but no pain, which means you can leave our office ready to resume your normal activities.

Fact: TempSure Envi is versatile

We pointed out above that TempSure Envi is noninvasive, which also means it’s safe enough to use most anywhere on your body, including the usual trouble spots, such as your:

We can even target smaller areas, such as directly above your knees or around your neck.

If we haven’t answered all of your questions about body contouring and TempSure Envi, or you’d like to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact our office in Bellmawr, New Jersey, by clicking here.

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