What is TempSure and How Does It Work?

You may be able to appear younger through a combination of hairstyles, makeup, and clothing, but your skin always reveals your years. Over time, your skin develops telltale signs of age, due to wear-and-tear from your environment and experiences. 

As you’ve gotten older, you may have developed wrinkles and lines around your eyes, on your forehead, and around your mouth. Some brown age spots may show on your skin, and you might have sun damage from time spent outside. Past injuries may have left you with visible scars.

Here at Aesthetic Solutions in Bellmawr, New Jersey, our skilled and compassionate team provides a variety of services to help our patients look and feel their best. Among these is TempSure® Envi, which we offer to give you fresher, more beautiful skin that can make you look years younger. 

What causes skin to wrinkle?

Over time, your lifestyle combined with impacts from the environment cause wear and damage to your skin, causing wrinkles. Some of the specific causes of wrinkles include: 

Wrinkles can be unattractive and really show your age, but you don’t have to live with your wrinkles. TempSure Envi treatment can remove your wrinkles, lines, damage, and spots, making you look significantly younger.

What is TempSure Envi?

TempSure Envi is a high-tech radiofrequency treatment for your skin that precisely targets areas of your skin marred by wrinkles, spots, damage, and scars. TempSure Envi is a simple and safe procedure that we offer during a short appointment in our comfortable office. 

Your provider reviews your medical history and examines you before discussing your health concerns and aesthetic goals. We determine if TempSure Envi is the right treatment for your skin issues and ensures that you get all your questions answered before you begin the procedure.

The TempSure Envi treatment 

Before your provider begins the TempSure Envi treatment, we provide you with glasses to protect your eyes, and we apply a numbing cream to your skin to minimize any discomfort. Your provider then gently glides the TempSure device over your skin to precisely direct powerful beams of light at the targeted areas. This intense energy removes your outer layer of skin, stimulating the collagen layer and promoting new skin growth. 

As your collagen layer thickens, your skin becomes fuller and firmer, tightening up wrinkles and lines and giving you a smoother, more youthful complexion. Dull, damaged, and spotted skin is removed and, as it heals, it’s replaced with fresh, glowing new skin — usually within a few days of your treatment. 

After the procedure, you may experience some redness and swelling that feels like a sunburn. We provide you with a cream that soothes your skin, and your side effects resolve within a couple of days. It may take a few TempSure Envi treatments to reach your beauty goals, but you’ll be impressed by how much fuller, clearer, and smoother your skin is. 

Time causes wear-and-tear on your skin in the form of scars, wrinkles, lines, spots, and sun damage. TempSure Envi restores your skin’s youthful glow, making you look years younger. 

To find out if TempSure Envi treatment is right for you, call our office or use our handy online booking tool to schedule your appointment.

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