What Treatments Can Help Me Look Young Again?

Whether your skin is aging prematurely or you’re simply getting older, there are few cosmetic issues more frustrating than wrinkles and saggy skin. Chances are you’ve tried every cream and serum on the market, and you likely didn’t get the results you were promised. Maybe you’ve even considered cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate your look. 

Before you commit to serious surgery, consider a less drastic, nearly as dramatic solution. We’re happy to offer you quick, painless, minimally invasive anti-aging treatments that give you all the results with none of the gimmicks, false claims, or long recovery periods. 

Dr. Ada Noh and Dr. William Ceraso at Aesthetic Solutions know how important tight, flawless skin is to your confidence. That’s why we offer skin-tightening treatments like TempSure Envi® that turn back the hands of time. 

A closer look at our skin-tightening treatment

Dr. Noh and Dr. Ceraso are proud to offer TempSure Envi® as a solution to your saggy skin and wrinkles. This revolutionary technology from leading aesthetics company Cynosure® delivers safe and painless thermal energy below the surface of your skin to the layers underneath. This concentrated supply of heat activates your body’s natural healing responses, which stimulates new collagen production. 

Collagen, along with elastin, are vital proteins that make skin appear young, smooth,and tight. Your aging body produces less of these important substances, which causes your skin to look older, more worn, and wrinkled.

TempSure Envi treatments cause an increase in the production of collagen, rejuvenating your skin from the inside, transforming it into younger-looking, vibrant skin from your youth. No surgery and no injections are required. 

FDA-approved TempSure Envi treatments are often called nonsurgical facelifts because they deliver surgical-grade results without a scalpel. 

What’s best is that radiofrequency energy is safe for all types of skin and levels of sun exposure, so almost anyone can benefit from TempSure Envi. 

What to expect from your TempSure treatment

During your pain-free TempSure Envi treatment, we apply the TempSure device to the areas you want treated. You’ll feel a gentle warming sensation as the radiofrequency energy heats the tissue below the surface of your skin.

After your treatment, your skin will be slightly pink, but this is a mild side effect that typically resolves shortly after your session. You can continue with your daily routine without interruption. TempSure Envi treatments are so quick and easy, you can even fit them into your lunch break on a workday.

You’ll see some tightening immediately after your treatment, but in the days and weeks that follow, your body continues to produce collagen, which produces gradual, lasting results over time. We generally recommend a series of TempSure Envi treatments spaced over time for the best results.  

We work with you during a confidential aesthetics consultation to build a customized TempSure Envi treatment plan that will bring you the utmost in natural skin rejuvenation and beauty. 

Call our Bellmawr, New Jersey, office at 856-209-5376 or request your appointment online today.

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